producer . audio engineer

I specialize in Artist Production and Audio Engineering. Since 2002, I have been involved in the recording arts and opertated both private and commerical studios.

Producing over 8 complete projects from the last 4 years, while pursueing my degree, I have become skilled at Artist Development and helping bring forth the best performance in the artist I work with. I do not produce "demos" I only take on projects where I have a connection with the artist and they themselfs are serious. I dont make compromises in my projects, the client will be happy and the project will reach its full potential.


.from their mouth

  • "Two Thumbs way the fuck up... Jody B is a game-changer"

  • "Me and Jody have awkardly great chemistry. It elimintes the "idc what the other will think if i say this " barrier. He is down to take on whatever I ask himmto because he knows anything can be achieved..."

  • "Jody Brown is a must have when it comes to the quality and perfection of production. He is professional, upstanding and simply an all around great businessman, producer and friend.."



I offer the follow services as well

  • remote mixing and mastering
  • beat creation
  • consulting

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